Cotton Bags in Dahab

LE 5 Cotton Bags from Ibrahim

LE 5 Cotton Bags from Ibrahim

Looking for reusable cotton bags to replace those disposable plastic ones? We are lucky here in Dahab to have a great, inexpensive source of cotton bags! Ibrahim on Fanar Street sells the bags pictured here for only LE 5 each. They are about 45 cm x 35 cm in size. I’m not completely convinced by the strength of the handles but Ibrahim is. I have one of his bags and the handle is still intact, but I’m always wary about how many heavy items I put inside. I’ve just purchased a handful of extra bags to carry around with me so if I see you stuck without a reusable bag, I’ll be able to pass one on to you!

Have you used these bags from Ibrahim? Have you had any problems with the handles? Are there other options for cotton or reusable bags available here in Dahab that you would recommend?

Refuse ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle


4 thoughts on “Cotton Bags in Dahab

  1. Love the bags, only by esthetics as I have not seen in person…I have tons of reuseable bags in my house & car…for groceries, passing on items, storage, swimming, etc…
    Great concept…wish we all would use them!

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