Repurposed Flour Sacks :: Bin Bags

bakery bags

When I first posted on Don’t Mess with Dahab’s Facebook page about refusing plastic bags, I was asked for suggestions on what to use as bin bags instead. Many people REUSE the single-use plastic bags as liners for trash cans and believe that reuse justifies taking the bags in the first place. The only trash can in our house that is lined is the large bin in the kitchen. The small bins in my bathroom and other rooms in the house are “naked”; I simply dump the contents into the larger kitchen bin that does have a bag. So finding an alternative to the large plastic bin bags was the next step in my journey to using less plastic. And I’ve been meaning to share this success story for a few months now!

While they are still plastic, the large flour sacks that are used by the government bakeries make excellent bin bags – and are recommended by the local Bedouin as the woven plastic material is not easily ripped open by the various street critters. The empty flour sacks were once available for sale at a shop in Asalah; we visited several but had no luck tracking these bags down in town. So, off we went to the bakery in the city! It took at least four visits to the forn before they had enough time and the bags to sell to us. We were advised beforehand that the bags would cost LE 0.50 or LE 1 each, but in the end we paid LE 2/bag. (A young Bedouin neighbor agrees this is the going rate and that you can also buy the bags from the bakery behind  the Mubarak flats.) We purchased 40 bags which should last us a good while. I keep several sacks in the car for spontaneous beach clean-ups, one by my front gate for the trash I collect from the street, and one in my kitchen.

If you’re looking for an alternative to buying new plastic bin bags, consider repurposing these flour sacks!

Looking for an alternative to plastic bags for your smaller trash bins? Do you or someone you know read newspapers? Try this approach. Or ask your local shop for some cardboard boxes to use as garbage cans.

How do you handle the trash in your house? Do you have suggestions for your fellow Dahabians looking to use less plastic?


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