Trying Out Hemaya’s Trash Collection

This weekend I decided it was finally time to test out Hemaya’s offer of free collection of sorted trash. 

Hemaya pick up (1)

Here’s what I had for them to collect:

  • one sack of plastic bottles (Mostly from the litter I collect from the streets, so it took only about 2 weeks to fill this sack.)

  • half of a sack of glass jars and bottles (I’ve been setting these aside for 6 months.)

  • two boxes of cardboard (Again, this is 6 months worth.)

Yes, it took us a long time to collect enough glass and cardboard to justify a call for collection. But we have enough space at the back of our house that it doesn’t bother me to hold on to these sacks for so long. And because I clean the street in front of my house on a regular basis, it didn’t take nearly as long to fill that sack of plastic!

My husband gave Shargawy at Hemaya a call on Saturday evening to arrange pick-up for the next day. He told us that they would call us between 8:30 – 9:00 a.m Sunday morning. It was no surprise really that 9 o’clock came and went and there was no call from Hemaya. We called them, no answer. At about 10 o’clock, they finally returned our call to tell us they were in the neighborhood and would be at our house shortly. And they were! 

Hemaya pick up (2)

We had placed the boxes and sacks outside, but did not leave them unattended because the goats would have had a feast on that cardboard – and left a mess behind! Plus we just wanted to wait to see the whole process through.

The driver told us that next time we could call Shargawy (the “big boss”) to let him know we had bags and then simply leave the sacks outside and they would collect them on their usual daily route, which passes by our house at around 8 in the morning. The goats, sheep, and other street animals do not usually manage to rip open the flour sacks that we are using, so as long as they are tied off properly leaving these outside shouldn’t be a problem. So even if you only have one bag for them to collect, go ahead and give them a call. They collect trash every day so it should not be a problem for them to pass by and collect your bag.

You can reach Shargawy at +0122 60 89 204.

Have you started to sort the recyclables from your trash? Have you tried to call Shargawy and arrange a pick-up? How did it work? Please share your experience with us. 

And if you missed the first post about Hemaya, read about Trash Collection and Recycling in Dahab.


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