Dahab Defenders

Dahab Defenders 3

Who are Dahab Defenders?

They are individuals, restaurants, hotels, shops, and other businesses and organizations who are voluntarily and proactively working towards reducing plastic waste and/or protecting and cleaning our local environment. And we would like to show them our appreciation and recognize them for a job well-done! We also hope that their stories will inspire others to explore ways that they can reduce their plastic waste or help our environment.

What do Dahab Defenders do?

They may engage in a variety of eco-friendly activities such as:

  • organizing or sponsoring clean-up events

  • sorting and recycling the trash at their place of business and encouraging customers to do the same

  • using alternatives to plastic bags, bottles, or packaging

  • using alternatives to plastic plates, cups, and utensils for dinners, parties, safaris, and other events

  • educating the local residents and/or tourists about environmental issues and how to responsibly care for the world’s natural resources

Of course, there are other earth-friendly practices Dahab Defenders may be implementing or promoting.

How are Dahab Defenders chosen?

Dahab Defenders are nominated by members of the Dahab community or discovered by the author of the blog during her research on reducing plastic waste. Do you know a person or company that you feel deserves recognition for their environmental efforts? Nominate them (or yourself!) to become a Dahab Defender. We will connect with them and plan a feature blog post here on Don’t Mess with Dahab about their earth-friendly practices or activities. The page (found by clicking the tab at the top of the blog site) will host an up-to-date list of all Dahab Defenders linked to their blog posts, as well as any contact information or links to their websites. Dahab Defenders will also receive a badge that they can display on their own blog or website.

Stay tuned! We will be featuring our first Dahab Defender in April. 


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