Dahab Defender: Eid Al Atrash

Dahab Defenders 3

It’s time to finally kick off our Dahab Defender project! If you missed the first post about this project, you can visit this page for more information, but basically we are thanking and cheering on individuals and businesses who are working toward reducing waste here in Dahab.

The first person I have chosen to dub a “Dahab Defender” is Eid Al Atrash, owner and manager of Bedouin History Desert Safari tour company which offers camel, trekking, and jeep safaris throughout the region. Eid’s passions include slow food, nature, the environment, and his traditional Bedouin culture. He is from Ras Sudr and for the past several years that is where he has been based. But Eid has a long history and a deep connection to Dahab, having lived and worked here for several of the past 25 years. 

006_Winter Eid

Eid Al Atrash

Earlier this year when Eid was visiting Dahab, I mentioned to him that I wanted to organize an event to clean up a part of the coast. Not only did Eid agree that this was a much-needed action, he volunteered to help organize and sponsor the clean-up event, which we had decided would take place in less than 5 days, on January 25th. Eid arranged the transport to an area south of Dahab in Nabq Protected Area, provided snacks and refreshments for everyone who participated, and organized the pick-up of all the trash we had collected. He also ensured the plastic trash would be recycled by finding a man who would bring the trash to Sharm el Sheikh, where it was purchased by traders in recyclable items. All of this for a town that he no longer calls home.

Here are a few photos from our first Coastal Clean-Up:

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And so, Eid’s dedication to Dahab and passion for a cleaner environment make him our very first Dahab Defender! We thank him for all of his support in our first clean-up event and we look forward to our next one. 🙂

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