Tools for Takeaway

One piece of advice to help reduce our use of disposable plastic that I have shared often is to bring your own containers when shopping for groceries and carrying takeaway meals. You may have enough glass or stainless steel containers at home that you can REUSE. I have an odd assortment of containers that I use for buying butter, cheese, spices, etc. But several years ago, we purchased these takeaway containers:

Takeaway Containers: LE 71 from Alf Sunf

Takeaway Containers: LE 71 from Alf Sunf

It has four small stainless steel containers that fit inside a large (unfortunately) plastic insulated container. These sets, made in India, are available at Alf Sunf (1,000 Items) in Mashraba. We checked on the price last week – still only LE 71, the same price we paid years ago.

These have been ideal for packing food for picnics at the laguna! But they are also great for carrying takeaway and leftovers from restaurants. Of course, if you eat in at restaurants, you don’t have to worry about plastic containers, but my husband has a bad back which means he often prefers to order his food to-go and eat in comfort at home (instead of on the usually uncomfortable restaurant chairs).

We have used these takeaway containers at the Blue House Thai Restaurant, Mix Restaurant (for koshary), and the “Shark” restaurant for Egyptian meals in Asalah Square. These places will happily use your containers instead of plastic and Styrofoam. We’ve also used them to bring home leftovers from El Huseiny – the kebab and kofta man in Mashraba. And we always carry them with us to the Dahab Community Market at Sheikh Salem House on Fridays for whatever goodies we want to buy, usually ma’ashi.

Besides the containers available from Alf Sunf, there are also ones, made in Thailand, available at the big Ghazala Market on the shore. Some of them have 3 containers, some 4, but they all have plastic lids instead of stainless steel. These start at LE 120 and the price goes up from there depending on the size:

takeaway tools (1)

Hot & Cool Containers at Ghazala Market

Prices start at LE 120.

Prices start at LE 120.

What tools for takeaway without plastic do you use?

Refuse ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle


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