Taking a Day Trip…without the Plastic!

day trip

Last week, my husband and I took a day trip to Nuweiba. I carefully packed a bag with my swimsuit, snorkel, water shoes – everything we’d need to enjoy a dip in the sea. My backpack carried our paperback books, my cameras, and my current crochet project. Food would be taken care of in Nuweiba. And pictured above are the items we packed so that we could avoid buying or being given plastic bottles of water – a 10 L reusable bottle with a few liters of well water, a reusable stainless steel water bottle, and two stainless steel cups. I keep my water bottle with me at all times so that one is easy to remember. But I knew that wouldn’t be enough water for the day so I grabbed a large container of well water so that I could refill my bottle whenever we needed. I brought the cups in case we felt like drinking from those instead (We didn’t.).

The 10 L containers cost LE 15 each from the local household goods shops in Asalah. You should also be able to find the stainless steel cups at these same shops. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen stainless steel water bottles here in Egypt (I bought mine in America.), but there are plastic reusable water bottles available locally. (For example, the ones made by Tank and available for purchase online.)

If you don’t drink well water, then hopefully you are using the 19 L refillable bottles of water. If so, you can easily fill a smaller container to carry with you on your day trips. If nothing else, you can purchase 6 L bottles of water, which will at least cut down on the amount of plastic consumed. (If you missed my previous posts about drinking water in Dahab, you can read the first one here.)

I have my own car so it is easy to throw these things in the backseat, but bringing these items along with you on an organized day trip shouldn’t be difficult either. There’s usually plenty of room in the Jeeps, Landcruisers, or minivans that are driven on these adventures in Sinai. If you’ve organized a trip with a local tour company and you want to skip the plastic water bottles, let your tour guide know that you will be bringing your own.

Now, all I need to remember next time is to put my swimming gear in the car, which I left behind in the house after taking this photo! Didn’t stop me from swimming though. 😉

Refuse ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle


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