Tips on Reducing Plastic at the Supermarket

shopping bag

Lately, I’ve been blogging mostly about how to REDUCE plastic when shopping for food at supermarkets and green grocers. Here’s a quick summary of tips:

And if all else fails,

    • BUY THE LARGEST PACKAGE AVAILABLE. Skip the individual size packages. Instead buy the largest box or bottle possible. This cuts down on the amount of plastic needed for each product.

I will continue to share tips and practical advice on shopping for food with less plastic. I will also start to discuss how we can reduce the plastic involved with household cleaning and self-care products so visit again soon!

Refuse ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle


6 thoughts on “Tips on Reducing Plastic at the Supermarket

    • That’s a great idea to get bags into more hands! I’ve been wanting to get reusable cotton bags to more of the local Egyptian and Bedouin residents – I have lots of old, scrap fabric but no sewing machine. I have made no-sew bags from old t-shirts. Maybe I need to stick to those for the freebies.

      • I have been thinking about always bringing an extra bag with me that I can give away to the person in front of me in the line if the person forgot to bring her own. Do you think people would appreciate that? Would it make a difference? Would it change behavior?

      • I’ve tried to do that as well. It seems whenever I have an extra bag, there is no one to give it to and when I don’t have extras, there are several people who could do with them! But I do think most people would appreciate it if we approach it the right way.

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