Meet Coge 3


Coge 3 is an organization dedicated spreading awareness of the global plastic pollution problem. Coge 3 (“Take 3”) began as an initiative to encourage everyone to remove three pieces of litter that they find while enjoying outdoor activities. The majority of founders and volunteers are surfers and so they are very passionate about the sea and nature in general. Basically, their goal is to improve the health of our environment by educating individuals about how our actions impact our ecosystems.

The planet requires from us daily effective actions of love. Trees, rivers, streams, parks, forests, lakes, seas, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, birds and fish die slowly. If man wants to ensure a healthy environment for future generations, we must act immediately, as we are required to care for the planet, in defense of all life forms. One of these ways to protect our planet and reduce the negative impact we have on it, is the proper use of organic and inorganic materials, beginning with the knowledge of the subject with our students to properly classify solid household waste and their school.”

Currently, volunteers from Coge 3 are participating in a World Surf event that has them cycling or surfing from Hossegor, France to Peniche, Portugal – 1,600 kilometers along the Camino de Santiago. Along the way, they are assisting with clean-up events and hosting educational workshops.

Although Coge 3 began in Spain, it has become a global movement thanks to volunteer ambassadors, like Captain Moore and Tony Butt. Egypt is lucky enough to now have it’s own ambassador and Coge 3 Egypt branch! Susan Virkala, a Finnish woman, works for Miami Group Egypt, which runs a hotel in Dahab as well as a production company and travel agency in Cairo. She is involved mainly with International Sales and Marketing. Through her position, she has the opportunity to promote eco-friendly ideas and practices to businesses and their customers. Being a surfer herself, Susan has a special love and appreciation for Dahab and the Sinai. She firmly believes that if we can make a difference here, it can be a model for the rest of the world.


Susan is determined to involve as many members of our town as possible in this new Coge 3 initiative. She believes that is the only way to change people’s opinions and attitudes about how they treat their environment. To this end, she has been working tirelessly on coordinating with various businesses and individuals in Dahab interested in helping save our local ecosystem – and, of course, we here at Don’t Mess with Dahab support her efforts 100%. One of the initial goals of Coge 3 Egypt is to encourage businesses to switch from plastic to paper bags and already a few shops in Dahab have pledged to do so. We hope we can convince more businesses to do the same. Coge 3 Egypt will also continue to support clean-up events and educational and awareness activities. Susan understands the challenge involved in the task of making

Please help us welcome Susan and Coge 3 to Dahab! If you are an individual or a business owner and would like more information about how to get involved, contact them through their Coge 3 Egypt Facebook page. You can also visit Coge 3’s website. Only the Spanish version is available at the moment, but the Global Site will be online in the near future.

Plastic Free Dahab & Nuweiba Project Overview (PDF)


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