Shaving with Less Plastic

Here’s an easy way to shrink your plastic footprint: give up disposable and cartridge razors! Or give up shaving altogether, if that’s an option for you. But it’s not an option for most men today. Even those men with beards need to shave their necks and faces sometimes. So if you’re still using plastic disposable razors, stop. That’s a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. Even the razors with replaceable blade cartridges, like the ones made by Gillette, involve bits of plastic, which adds up to quite a bit of waste over time. And those cartridges are not cheap!


Make the switch to safety razors. The one shown above was purchased many years ago in a shop in Dahab. The razors and blades are inexpensive and easy to find. It is easy to unscrew the handle and replace the blades when necessary.


Despite the initial bit of plastic packaging, the razor should last you a lifetime so this plastic waste is less than it would be if you were disposing of razors or cartridges on a regular basis.

LORD is a famous brand of razors and blades manufactured here in Egypt. The brand is known worldwide for its quality; razors and blades can be purchased through various online retailers across the globe. According on one Australian website:

The origins of Lord safety razor blades date back to 1930 when the first blades mechanized factory in the Middle East region was established in Egypt. In 1978 a joint-venture was formed with the former Wilkinson Sword UK boosting the improvement and the modernization of the blade manufacturing system and quality controls.

Today Lord is considered as one of the six major market players in the blade industry and continues to produce top class double edge blades under its own Lord brand name as well as under other registered brand names.

You can find these LORD razors at Dr. Ekramy Pharmacy, next to Dr. Amira’s vet office in Assala Square. They cost only LE 7! (Make sure you buy the metal razors. LORD also make ones with plastic handles.) A set of 10 replacement blades costs LE 2. 5. That’s less than ten pounds (€ 1.25) for a razor and blades that will last you years (depending on how often you shave)! Even if you’re not too fussed about the environmental impacts, you are sure to like that price.  🙂


14 thoughts on “Shaving with Less Plastic

  1. I have a very old plastic razor with disposable heads which I replace very rarely (like once a year – I’ve been trying to use them up since 2011!) but when the last two heads wear out I intend to switch to a stainless steel razor. Gilette and the other companies are very sneaky with their marketing…luring you in with a cheap razor and blades on special offer, but replacement blades are then hugely expensive! Not to mention wasteful. I look forward to getting a razor like this one : )

    • The Gillette ones are SO expensive here – especially after you compare them to LORD – so that was our motivation after we ran out off our last replacement blades. Less waste is a double bonus. 🙂 I had no problem making the switch but my husband mentioned that it would take some getting used to shaving your face with a safety razor. (He’s got a beard so doesn’t shave much or often!) A quick search on YouTube though and I see lots of how-to videos!

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